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Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

with so-called “foreclosure rocket dockets,” in which the courts give priority to quickly disposing of cases rather than following long-established rules of civil.

How to use docket in a. Stadium," 22 july 2019 There are no more practice sessions on the docket. dockets log a dozen or more new cases..

A Florida Court's 'rocket docket' blasts Through Foreclosure Cases. No area has been hit harder than Lee County, a largely. From 2000 to 2005, house prices in Cape Coral more than doubled.. During a break in the hearing, lawyers used dollies to wheel in boxes containing hundreds of case files,

Palm Beach is making it more official, but Florida foreclosure defense lawyers are fighting against the dangers of rocket docket and other attempts to clear all those backlogged, bottlenecked foreclosure lawsuits because borrower/defendants’ rights are in danger in these swift sweeps of court dockets, no matter how well intended.

Purpose of Foreclosure A mortgage foreclosure is an equitable remedy that. In Lee County, the court created a program known as the “Rocket Docket,” an.. Under long standing Florida law, the delivery of a deed by a grantor and the. As no case law or statute currently requires a lender to accept an.

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A Lesson From the Rocket Docket A Lesson From the rocket docket. getty images.. There is an ugly, heartbreaking mess going on in foreclosure courtrooms across the country.. lobal investors are becoming increasingly aware that an investment in America is no longer an investment in strength.

Select Sort Results to display cases by case name, docket number, location, entry number, calendar sequence number or motion Click Search Note: Motions or pleadings display separately so the name and docket number of a case with more than one motion or pleading will appear more than once in the list.

The issue is available in the online archive. Foreclosure lawyers told me one other thing about the rocket docket. The hearings. The lawyers bringing the cases to evict the humans have no real clients. As I witness in court all morning, the defense never gets more than one chance to screw up. But the.