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Constructing the ‘Public Intellectual’ in the Premodern World A two-day conference co-hosted by the Genealogies of Knowledge project, the Division of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, and the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester, UK 5th-6th September 2019 | Chancellors Hotel, Manchester Call for papers keynote speakers Important dates Venue.

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Sanskrit and the Technological Age. If this were not so, there is no imaginable reason for the discontinuation of such a perfect language as the lingua franca of India or its utilization by other civilizations throughout the world. The benefits which a language like mathematics affords in scientific investigation,

Although English is spoken by many, and Punjabi is the native language of the majority of the population, Urdu is the lingua franca. hindustani was the official language of the British Raj and was synonymous with both Hindi and Urdu.

The success of Sanskrit as a language has been phenomenal in South and Southeast Asia. Originally it was the language of a relatively limited group of people, the Brahmins, who belonged to certain.

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UNIX became a lingua franca for computer aficionados. In 1984, when AT&T was deregulated, the company was finally allowed to market its intellectual property. Disaster followed. By the late 1980s,

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Sanskrit, the mother language, is closely related to Old German language. We need both: a strong sense of cultural identity and openness in a globalised world. german scholars have, for a long time, expressed their deep respect and emotional warmth towards Sanskrit.

Yes, age discrimination is illegal even when masked by a request for a "recent degree," and dismissing great candidates because they have been adjuncting for three years in a very tough job market is.